The regulation changes allow employers greater freedom in choosing a training provider and qualifications to meet their identified first aid needs. Employers must be satisfied that their training provider is competent in first aid and has the necessary quality assurance processes in place. The HSE acknowledges that Pronto Training works to similar principles of assessment and employs a similar hierarchy of policies and processes to awarding organisations who offer regulated qualifications.

What should due diligence of a training provider include?

1. Trainers and assessors

When undertaking due diligence of a training provider, there are several things to check:

Do the trainers and assessors have a current First aid at work certificate or qualify for an exemption?

Yes. All our first aid trainers are First aid at work qualified.

Do the trainers have an appropriate training qualification?

Yes. All our trainers are qualified in either a level 3 recognised training qualification or higher.

Do the assessors have an appropriate assessing qualification?

Yes. Pronto assessors are all qualified in a level 3 recognised assessing qualification or higher.

2. Quality assurance

Does the designated person have an assessing/verifying qualification?

Yes. Our Quality Assurance personnel are qualified in a level 4 recognised quality assurance qualification.

Is there a documented course evaluation procedure?

Yes. A rigorous procedure is documented and available on request.

Is there a documented complaints procedure?

Yes. We take complaints very seriously. Our procedure is available for all customers to see.

3. Teaching currently accepted first aid practice
4. Training syllabus 
5. Certificates

Training with Pronto will always meet the required standards

If you’re training with St John Ambulance then you’re in safe hands. We are the UK’s leading first aid organisation and teach more people from more businesses and organisations than any other provider. Our training services will always meet the standards you need to satisfy your legal requirements for first aid provision.