Once you have identified your training needs, you should choose the appropriate training to satisfy all your requirements:

This can be a combination of any of the following:

  • An ‘off the peg’ training qualification (eg. a three-day First aid at work course or a one-day Emergency first aid at work course)
  • An ‘off the peg’ qualification with additional training (eg. a First aid at work course with defibrillator training)
  • A bespoke training structure, customised to meet specific first aid needs.

You should consider what activities your staff undertake as part of their job roles and consider additional training to meet their specific needs. The nature of your business, the work your employees undertake and the make up of your workforce all bring specific first aid needs and may require additional training.

In a St John Ambulance survey of over 2,000 businesses, the top three additional training requirements identified by employers were:

  • Automated external defibrillation, for the most effective treatment of cardiac arrest
  • Anaphylaxis first aid, for the treatment of severe allergic reaction
  • Paediatric first aid for those who work with children or infants

Some examples of other common additional training needs are below:

  • Administering oxygen – Medical gas administration
  • Moving a casualty safely – Moving and handling for first aiders
  • Managing the effects of extreme heat and cold – Sports first aid
  • Treatment of a drowning casualty

Customising your training session

All of our courses can be run at your premises for groups that require the same training, or can be scheduled at our centres on demand.

Some courses can be combined to allow your employees to undertake all the required training in one session. For example, you could add a one-hour defibrillator training module to your First aid at work course.

Our customer service advisers are always happy to discuss your training needs with you and help you ensure your first aiders get the right training to meet your specific requirements. Call us on 01268 772724.